Modular kit

Belt Width 15mm
Housing Width 20mm
Housing Height 20mm
Centre Distance In consultation
Maximum Load / Speed 10N: 2.5 - 20 m/min
20N: 0.8 - 6 m/min
Environmental Conditions Food contact
Clean and dry
Series Modular kit
Conveyor Belts Flat belt
Extensions Sliding supports (e.g. lateral guides)
Drive shaft stub
Encoder-drive shaft
Setpoint device 24V voltage supply
Setpoint device
Transmitted light

Further information:

  • Conveyor speed can be selected dependent on max. conveyed load:
    • 2.5 - 20 m/min at max. 10 N or
    • 0.8 - 6 m/min at max. 20 N
  • Supply voltage motor: 24 V DC
  • Supply voltage / current input transmitted light: 24 V DC (18 - 30 V DC) / 0,05 A
  • Conveyor belt: translucent (FDA)
  • Dimensions transmitted light field: 15 x 20,4 mm
  • Colour: White
  • Colour temperature: 5,000 K
  • Operation as continuous light

More freedom to combine – more individuality

You’ve got specific requirements for our conveyors? You prefer our standard components so that you can save time and money you would otherwise have to spend on extensive new developments? Then our modular kit system is just right for you.

From a multitude of standard components from Vetter, we choose the ones which suit your task and combine them flexibly. This allows us to create new combinations without a lot of effort which are precisely tailored to your requirements.

With us the choice is yours:

  • We select the drive head, deflector rollers, aluminium profile length, width and lateral guides from various standard components.
  • It is possible to combine several conveyors in a parallel arrangement: placed right next to one another or with a gap for easy access.


For one perfect image after the next

Integrated transmitted light units allow for image recognition and image processing during production without interfering reflexes and shadows. This solution replaces rotating or vibrating glass panes.

The high-quality, durable LED panels come with the corresponding controllers and ensure extremely short exposure times as a result of the huge illuminance levels. Drive unit and transmitted light technology are integrated in the small conveyor in such a way that they remain compact, typically Vetter, and have no interference contours.

Your advantages

  • Integrated transmitted light

    • No formation of shadowsNo reflections
    • Minimized impact of extraneous light
    • Minimized space requirements
  • Simple design and easy integration into existing systems
  • 24 V extra low voltage: No special safety precautions required
  • Use of high-grade materials: Stainless steel and aluminium

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