Powerful and durable for the industry

Our small conveyors unite top performance and maximum quality with select materials. They are therefore powerful at low current ratings and also function with absolute reliability even in 3-shift operation. The well-designed construction without interference contours in the series with internal and transverse drive integrates easily in your systems.

Our modular kit system makes it possible for us to manufacture custom solutions fast. Our standard products can also be flexibly extended as required.

Thanks to the extra-low voltage of just 24 V, no special protective measures are necessary.

We move your conveyed goods

No matter whether you are conveying metal, wood, plastic or glass – with our large selection of conveyor belts, we are sure to find just the right surface for you.

Of course, our conveyor belts also have a profile: as required, we can equip your belt with cleats, carriers or longitudinal or transverse profiles in many different sizes, shapes and colours.

Timing belts also provide you with the option of screw-mounting your part carriers.

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Key Features

Features that make our conveyors perfectly suited for the mechanical engineering industry.

Long service life also in 3-shift operation

Speeds of up to 40 m/min

Top quality with select materials

Easy installation in your systems

Powerful motors

Conveyed load up to 100 N

Large selection of conveyor belts

Flexible adaptation designs and extension options

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