Small conveyors with transmitted light unit

Integrated transmitted light units allow for image recognition and image processing during production without interfering reflexes and shadows. This solution replaces rotating or vibrating glass panes.

The high-quality, durable LED panels come with the corresponding controllers and ensure extremely short exposure times as a result of the huge illuminance levels. Drive unit and transmitted light technology are integrated in the small conveyor in such a way that they remain compact, typically Vetter, and have no interference contours.

Conveyor belt with a clear view

Strong, elastic conveyor belt for numerous applications, also suitable for use with food or pharmaceutical products.

  • Material: PU
  • Colour: Transparent
  • FDA: Yes
  • Belt thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Constant temperature range: -10 / +90 °C

Key Features

Features that make our conveyors perfectly suited for the image processing industry.

Colour: White

Colour temperature: 5,000 K

No formation of shadows, no reflections

Minimized impact of extraneous light

Lighting intensity can be dimmed via analogue signal 0–10 V DC (except: FR-12-20-DL and BK-20-20-DL)

Lighting duration can be controlled via a trigger signal, max. 10 ms (except: FR-12-20-DL and BK-20-20-DL)

Operation as continuous light possible

Suggested Conveyers for the image processing industry


Our smallest model FR-12-20 with transmitted light unit.
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Model with internal drive and foil keypad for speed control.
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Small conveyor with transverse drive and 80-mm housing width.
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Small conveyor with transverse drive with 120-mm housing width.
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Small conveyor with transverse drive with 160-mm housing width.
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Small conveyor with transverse drive with 200-mm housing width.
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Small conveyor from the modular kit with 20-mm housing width.
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Small conveyor from the modular kit with 40-mm housing width.
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